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Ivo Gum Gun Chewing Gum Removing Machine

Chewing Gum Nightmare? End this unsightly problem with the GumGun.


The Ivo Gum Gun from Cleancare Ireland is the latest, fastest and safest way to remove chewing gum both indoors and outdoors.

Environmentally friendly citrus based solution is super heated into steam and completely disintegrates the chewing gum so it is dissolved with minimal residue which is completely un-sticky and sweeps away.

Just 10 seconds will remove each unsightly piece of gum from your entrances, carparks, entrance mats, and floors. safe to use on tarmac, block paving, concrete, natural stone and carpets this can be used throughout your site.

Having no trailing hoses or cables, Almost silent and with very little water you can remove chewing gum during normal opening hours. Let your clients see your proactively cleaning the premises!

This simple machine is easy to set up and operate and can start removing this filthy looking litter from your properties today!

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